Read: Deuteronomy 6:10-19

Beware, lest you forget the Lord who brought you out of the land of Egypt, from the house of bondage.-Deuteronomy 6:12

Life looks rosy to many people. Their work is fulfilling. The house of apartment doesn’t need repair. Their bank account shows a surplus. Family members are enjoying good health. Friends are loyal.

Good times, however, can be dangerous. The comforts and pleasures of this world can become so important that we give God little or no place in our thoughts. Prosperity can quickly lead to complacency.

God knew this would happen to His people when they entered the Promised Land. So He wanted them not to forget the source of their blessings (Deut. 6:12). He instructed them:

-Fear the Lord (v.13)

-Serve the Lord (v.13)

-Do not go after other gods (v.14)
-Do not tempt the Lord (v.16)
-Keep the commandments (v.17)
-Do what is right and good (v.18)

Historians tell us that religious fervor usually declines during prosperous times. But if we will learn from Israel’s experience and heed the Lord’s instruction, this need not happen to us.

Let’s be careful that we do not forget the Lord- especially when all looks bright! – Herb Vander Lugt

Help us, O Lord, to ponder this;
We have no good apart from You;
For we are prone to take our ease
When all looks bright and skies are blue.
-D. De Haan

Prosperity may be a greater test of character than poverty.

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